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How Steroids Causes the Hair Loss and What Would be the Solution

Nowadays many people in the world use the steroids to build-up their bodies as a bodybuilding agent. Male and female, both are using the anabolic steroid to achieving the perfect body. The role of steroid in bodybuilding can be seen effectively as a perfect body, but the grey part of it associated with the side effect as a severe hair loss. The side effect of Steroids cannot be ignored and that is why the use of steroid has banned in the USA and UK counties.

There are numerous factors of both the external and internal stimuli causes the hair loss. The intrinsic factors of genetic causes say that it is a hormone Androgen’s secretions in our body heavily results in the severe hair loss. The responsible factor for genetic hair loss is the DHT (di-hydro Testosterone), it is a type of Androgen and if its secrets heaviness in the body make the hair follicles shrinks and hair loss starts as the shrunk hair follicles are unable to produce newly hairs and tends to retain the phase of the Telogen stage, a resting stage of the hair growth cycle which inhibits the hair growth and encourages the hair loss.

The steroids mainly the anabolic steroids mimic the effects of the DHT (DI-hydro testosterone) and causes the hair loss as same as that of the DHT. Simply, the steroid cannot play as a major factor for the hair loss as their chemical structure is as same as that of the DHT hormone and that is why they act as like the DHT hormone and makes the hair follicles shrinks results in the hair loss. The Steroid also binds the receptors in the hair follicles with the catalytic effect of the enzyme, 5-alpha reductase and hair follicles starts shrinking as same as they start by the DHT (a converted form of Testosterone) with the same enzyme, which tends to a severe hair loss.

Solution of Hair Loss is the Hair Transplant

Every now and then, there is evolution, invention and practising of different alternatives to combat the hair fall/loss problems and almost all have their time being an effect of inhibiting the hair fall problem as the hair loss treatment is only practiced with the hair transplant procedure permanently and appreciated worldwide by the recognized and leading Surgeons of the cosmetic and plastic surgeons in general.

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The procedure of hair transplant is practised worldwide at almost all major cosmetic surgery clinics by the Doctors/surgeons, but the procedure in India, especially in the Pink city, Jaipur is counted as the best cost effective option along with the world’s reputed hair transplant Surgeons. The hair transplant in Jaipur is being as an effective option of the choice to get the procedure in this pink city in India that has a dual role as a part of the major tourist destination both in terms of the tourism interest as well as the prime spot for the medical tourism, especially for the cosmetic surgeries. There are many good Surgeons and Doctors and some of them are counted as the World’s topmost hair transplant Surgeon and they offer the treatment at an affordable cost with best facilities & amenities of the American standards of hygiene and care that features attract the clients/patients of both national and foreign.


On the whole, we can say that the steroid is a causative agent of hair loss that we must rethink before using it as they banned in the western world countries and now it is our turns to avoid using it for the bodybuilding. Take healthy food enriched with vitamins, proteins and essential minerals that are good for our hair health, nonetheless, you are affected by the severe hair loss in a different NW class of baldness, then the solution is the hair transplant.


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