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The Pin Hole Surgery Procedure

In the world of cosmetic dentistry, there are always new breakthroughs which keep making things easier for patients with oral needs. One of those new procedures is the Pinhole surgical technique. The pin hole surgery gives patients an alternative to connective tissue grafting. Unlike other dental surgery procedures, the pinhole surgery requires no incisions or sutures. And there is nearly no pain for the patient either.

The Art of Dentistry has been a leader and at the forefront of the cosmetic dentistry sector for years. Our team of expert oral surgeons, top rated dentists and knowledgeable staff, have made us top rated in all of Canada. We combine our expertise with compassion and understanding towards each client we treat. In addition, we offer some of the most competitive prices on the market. Those are just some of the many reasons we have 5 star ratings and so many positive reviews from every client we treat.

The Pinhole Surgery Benefits

There are numerous benefits as to why a patient may need to have a pinhole surgery done. The procedure can help with gum recession which can weaken your teeth. This ultimately leads to root damage, sensitivity issues and eventually tooth loss.

For patients who experience gingival recession, the pinhole surgical technique can help immensely. It is also another option for those that do not want to go through any connective tissue grafting. Our top rated dentist are experts in the pinhole surgical technique. When the procedure is performed, the dentist can reposition the gums for the patient. The gums are then secured with collagen by the oral dentist expert.

Minimizing Your Risks

One of the best things about the pinhole surgery is the risk factor. When the pinhole surgical procedure is compared to other traditional orthodontic surgeries, the risks are much less. That also reduces the chances for complications a patient may have during or after the procedure.

When our oral surgeons perform the pinhole surgical procedure, a tiny hole will be created in the gums. That hole will go right above the tooth which may be experiencing recession. Once that opening is made, our top rated dentist will then move any surrounding soft tissue into place. All the while, the delicate root of the tooth in question is then covered.

Unlike all of the other risks involved with other methods, this procedure allows our periodontal professionals to minimize them. The fact that no incisions or sutures are needed also helps to eliminate any real pain. In most cases, many patients who offered their pinhole surgical technique review afterwards, mentioned little to no pain at all.

If you believe that you need the pinhole surgery procedure done, then contact us for a consultation. One of our experienced dentists will gladly go over any questions you may have about the procedure. They can discuss with you the pinhole surgical technique cost or even the pinhole surgical technique success rate as well. There is a reason why The Art of Dentistry is considered the best cosmetic dentistry clinic in Canada. We can help you with any pinhole surgical technique issues or any other oral needs you may be having.


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