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Feel Free from Emotional Stress with Jungian Therapy Manhattan

Emotional distress is inevitable, as we will experience at some stage in life. Some types of distress tend to be more prolonged than normal and may prevent us from carrying out our normal.  The perseverance of this emotional distress could mean that a mental illness or disorder such as depression or anxiety has set in. Just like flu, mental illnesses like depression can make our daily lives uncomfortable.

The conventional method used to treat mental disorders is to first eradicate its symptoms quickly and then proceed to modify the brain’s neurochemistry to stop the mental disorder. As sensible as it sounds, it has its shortcomings since conventional medicine are neither able to eradicate these symptoms nor deal with the wide range of mental disorders people face. These disorders need extra remedies.

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This is where the Jungian therapy Manhattan approach comes into play as it handles mental disorders in a dissimilar way from conventional medicine. Carl Jung, a psychiatrist and founder of analytical psychology anticipated that when a person suffers from mental disorder, the psyche is trying to work through some issues. He also believes that the type and symptoms of the mental illness says a lot about the nature of the suffering.   Jung reckoned that eradicating the symptoms will prevent us from understanding the initial cause of the illness. This is what differentiates the Jungian Therapy Manhattan method from conventional medicine. This means that the mental disorder is goal-directed, functional and wellness-oriented (the psyche is simply attempting to heal itself through the illness).

Just like flu, as inconveniencing as the symptoms may be, they are functional and goal-directed. The high temperature (fever), runny nose and even headache are all directed towards eradication of the flu virus. The weakness felt at that period is as a result of the extra energy our body consumes in order to fight the flu. The amount of energy it uses for this emergency work is way higher than normal. If we can see flu in this light, then we should also view mental disorders in the same light.

In the case of depression, the symptoms are tiredness, lack of communication, wanting to be alone, hopeless feeling, unwillingness to work etc. As bad and awful as these symptoms may seem, they are directed towards healing. How is this possible? Being alone gives one the opportunity to reflect on and examine some areas of our lives that we ordinarily may ignore. This is so because at that moment when you shut yourself out from the world, there is no distraction, you can concentrate on examining any form of issues in your life.

This, however, does not fully explain the Jungian approach but gives you an insight that in some cases, prolonged emotional disturbances is purposeful. It is important you visit a Jungian analyst to discuss some of these matters to fully comprehend all it entails

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