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Erectile Dysfunction

Erection can only be possible when the brain, hormones, circulatory system, muscles and nerves work together  to supply the erectile tissue around the penis with enough blood. Erectile dysfunction (ED) doesn’t allow an erection in men, some men  are unable to erect completely while others can’t maintain erection for a long time.

Erectile problems are not common with young men, but affects both young and old men, only 25% of men under 40 have ED  while just about 5% of men under 40 are likely to have complete ED. It could be very embarrassing when a man finds it difficult to maintain an erection and very frustrating to admit having ED.

The causes of ED vary and many of them can be treated. The cause of ED could either be physical or psychological.

The physical causes of ED include;

  • Certain medication side effects
  • Infections or illness
  • Microvascular diseases caused by diabetes
  • Smoking and drunkenness
  • Injuries around the spinal cord and nerves
  • Obesity
  • Lack of proper exercise and many more.

The psychological causes of ED include:

  • Concern about sexual relationship
  • Schizophrenia, depression and other types of psychological disorder
  • Stress; it could be any form of stress such as; job and relationship stress.
  • Sexual excitement and much more.


There are three major symptoms of ED that are very easy to identify and they include;

  • When an erection is not firm enough for sexual intercourse
  • Inability to erect
  • Erecting for a short time


Treating the cause of ED helps in resolving or eliminating the problem.The treatment could include;

Medications: Doctors prescribe medication that helps circulate and stimulate the flow of blood to the penis thereby making it possible for men with ED problems to achieve an erection. Drugs such as Kamagra could be prescription for stimulating of the flow of blood to the penis.  Kamagra tablets are composed of  Sildenafil (100mg) an active component of Viagra and work 40 minutes after taking the pill. More information about Kamagra 100mg you can find out here.

Herbal treatment: herbal treatments also help cure ED. These natural treatments are ancient and today many still prefer to use them to cure ED, and they are increasingly becoming more available. Scientific evidence shows that many of them produce adverse side effects when used with other medical prescription and as such, there is a need to consult a doctor before engaging in herbal treatment. Some of these natural treatments include; Yohimbe; a west Africa tree bark, Mondia Whitie; an African root, Ginkgo bibloba; a Chinese herb, Maca;a vegetable from Peru and much more.

Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle change could make a positive difference in the life of some men. Making positive changes could eliminate ED. Some of the changes required include; eating a balance diet, exercising the body, quitting smoking, taking alcohol in less quantity,  taking enough rest and seeking counselling about sexual problems or relationship problems.

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