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The Process of Peptide Synthesis and Its Application

Peptide synthesis can simply be defined as the process by which a peptide bond forms between two amino acids. A peptide, in this case, refers to chains of between 30 and 50 amino acids. The process of peptide synthesis has been around for over a century, though the synthesis of …

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How Steroids Causes the Hair Loss and What Would be the Solution

Nowadays many people in the world use the steroids to build-up their bodies as a bodybuilding agent. Male and female, both are using the anabolic steroid to achieving the perfect body. The role of steroid in bodybuilding can be seen effectively as a perfect body, but the grey part of …

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Feel Free from Emotional Stress with Jungian Therapy Manhattan

Emotional distress is inevitable, as we will experience at some stage in life. Some types of distress tend to be more prolonged than normal and may prevent us from carrying out our normal.  The perseverance of this emotional distress could mean that a mental illness or disorder such as depression …

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